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Instructor-Led Training
Using TypeScript with React and Redux

2 day course

Languages: HTML, TypeScript, JavaScript, React, Redux
Course authored by Eric Greene


TypeScript provides JavaScript developers with cutting-edge JavaScript features such as modules and decorator while enhancing JavaScript with strong-typing. Through typing files, strongly typed React and Redux programming improves the development experience especially for enterprise environments. This class will feature dynamic code driven lectures, and lots of hands-on programming work.

Key Learning Areas

  • TypeScript Strong Typing
  • TypeScript Interfaces
  • TypeScript Generics
  • React Components
  • React Props and State
  • Redux Reducers
  • Redux Stores
  • Integrating Redux with React Components
  • Immutable Programming

Course Outline

Day 1

  • React Overview
  • TypeScript Overview
  • TypeScript Types, Interfaces, and Generics
  • Configuring TypeScript for JSX
  • Defining Props and State Interface Types
  • Strongly Typed Components
  • Setting State in a Strongly Typed Environment

Day 2

  • Redux Overview
  • Action Type and Inheritance
  • Application State Interface
  • Reducer Generic Type
  • Store Generic Type
  • Reducers Map Object and Combine Reducers
  • Connecting Redux to React

Who Benefits

Developers desiring to use TypeScript to build React and Redux web applications.


Some experience with HTML, JavaScript, React, Redux and web programming is beneficial.


Public Classes

We're sorry, there are no open enrollment classes currently scheduled for this course.