Ask The .NET Experts

Work with the experts who helped build the platform and trained over 35,000 of Microsoft’s own engineers.  With hundreds of customers, thousands of training engagements, and over 20 published books, we cut our teeth on .NET Development and built a reputation as one of the top firms on the planet for the Microsoft and .NET platforms.

Find Out How Wintellect Can Help With Your .NET Project

Custom Software Development

Let Wintellect augment your dev team or assume start-to-finish responsibility for your entire project

Wintellect areas of expertise include project management; application architecture and design; software implementation; debugging services; and demo and content creation.

  • Application development
  • Architecture assessments
  • Project management and process
  • Debugging and Performance tuning
  • Database design and development
  • Web development
  • Mobile development
  • Azure cloud and DevOps

Stop bugs dead in their tracks with SWAT Team Debugging!

Wintellect is unique in offering a world class Debugging practice with the skills to resolve the nastiest and meanest bugs plaguing our industry. Our debugging staff is headed up by John Robbins, author of the book Debugging .NET and Windows Applications, the MSDN Magazine’s Bugslayer column, and one of the world’s most recognized debugging experts. Call us for help, or click to learn about our one-of-a-kind Debugging training.