Getting Started with Kubernetes

In this webinar, we’ll give you a primer on Kubernetes and show you how to get started using Kubernetes for container orchestration. We’ll talk about the pieces of Kubernetes, show you how they work together, and finally show you how you can get your containers running on Kubernetes locally and in a hosted environment.

Data Analysis in Python with Pandas

During this webinar, we’ll cover Pandas, one of the best libraries in Python to clean, transform, and run a quick analysis on your data. We’ll also have a look at NumPy, a library that Pandas rely so heavily upon.

Data Science for Developers

What exactly is data science?  How does one become a Data Scientist? In this webinar, you will learn how software engineers can prepare for the new age of data. The presentation will be followed by a Q&A session with Frank La Vigne. The following are some useful links about Data Science:

Getting Started with Angular 5

This webinar will explore the essentials of building components, templates, data binding, and handling events. If you are looking to jump start your Angular 5 development this webinar is for you. Click here to get the demo code from the webinar.  In this recorded Wintellect webinar you will learn: Brief overview of Angular 5 How…

Survey of Containers on Azure

In this webinar, we’ll survey the container offerings on Microsoft Azure, and demo a few of the options. Learn more about Wintellect’s Azure consulting or Azure training.

A Lap Around Microsoft’s Business Intelligence Platform

Learn about the Features of Microsoft’s Business Intelligence Platform There is much choice when it comes to Business Intelligence (BI) products these days. In this webinar session, you will learn about Microsoft’s Business Intelligence Platform, and get a wealth of tips and tricks to make your life easier and keep your customers happy. In this webinar,…

ASP.NET Core Development with Docker

Using Docker to Create a Testing & Deployment Target for ASP.NET Core apps Did you like this webinar? Check out our ASP.NET Core with Docker live, 2-day virtual course. To perform the demonstrations as shown during the webinar, you must have the Docker tools installed for your platform (the Community Edition is fine). You can find…

Survey of the Azure Data Storage Landscape

Differences Between the Azure Data Storage Options In this webinar with Ike Ellis, a 5 year Microsoft Data Platform MVP, you will learn about the Azure Data storage platform and where the best places are to store each type of data. With so many available options, one can be paralyzed with choice. This webinar seeks to ease that…

Python Jumpstart for .NET Developers

Learn Python in this Webinar geared to .NET/C# Developers Today Wintellect held a live Python jumpstart coding session for C# Developers presented by Michael Kennedy, host of the TalkPython and PythonBytes podcasts. A couple weeks ago Michael presented Wintellect’s live webinar “Write Pythonic Code Through 5 Examples.” During this session, we found that 53% of our audience…

Write Pythonic Code Through 5 Examples

Learn Python Using the Best Language Features If you are interested in learning more our Python Training or Consulting, shoot us an email here. You can download the code from the webinar here: Pythonic Code Through 5 Examples Demo Code. Or download the slide deck here: Learn Pythonic Code Through 5 Examples Slides.